One Data Culture Platform

Accelerate data culture within your company, while making sure you stay in control of compliance.

Our Mission

Digital Transformation is only happening when you put it into the hands of process and data owners. Our transformation platform enables those individuals to build amazing data products to shape your company’s success: Simple, agile and compliant.

A Hub for your Data Citizens

Help starters become data heroes by turning their ideas into innovative and compliant projects 

How Runpipe supports your Transformation to become a Data-Driven Company

To give you an impression of the way you can use Runpipe in your company, we have compiled the most important use cases and solutions for the most common pain points with the suitable Runpipe features for you.

Data & AI use cases managed

Compliant use of Low-Code Platforms

Empower you people to be confident with data and tools

Give your people instant access to videos, trainings and collaboration spaces to build amazing data products together. Use communities to connect experts to starters easily.

Define rules, monitor compliance and control budgets of all data projects

Fuel your project pipeline, collect business cases and monitor their progress. Get insights on compliance and cost vs. benefit for every project.

Trusted by data leaders

With Runpipe, we accelerate our Power Platform and UI Path initiatives, while keeping our license spendings in control.
Florence J. | General Manager IT
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Runpipe, helps us to drive data culture by combining enablement and compliance for our Data Citizens.
Christopher H. | Project Manager
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Now we have an overview and measureable results to keep
track how well we
are performing.
Paul S. | Senior Data Change Lead
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Inspiring people to engage in building data products for our company's success is hard.
Runpipe makes it easier.
Leah A. | Head of Digital Solutions
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How to Accelerate
Data Culture?

Understand the fundamental building blocks to close your data culture loop now.

Data Culture Loop - How to accelerate data culture

Runpipe improves business outcomes

Learn how your organization prospers when you empower employees to create solutions for themselves and others using Runpipe.

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Learn how global brands build digital culture with Runpipe.

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Our Value

Runpipe is the only platform accelerating data culture by making your people tech-savvy and guiding them to build successful data products. At the same time it makes sure you stay in control of compliance and budgets.