Runpipe Governance

Runpipe provides an intuitive platform that brings together security and governance for multiple Low-Code Platforms, all in one place.

What Makes Us Different

Easy to Setup and Integrate with Microsoft Azure

Runpipe can be setup and integrated within a short time into your Microsoft 365 environment. It is guaranteed that privacy data will always retain in your company’s environment.

Unique All-In-One Solution to Manage Low-Code

Runpipe is the only product that covers all aspects to manage your favorite Low-Code Platform with excellence. Security, Governance and Enablement.

Collaborative Space for Business, Security and IT

Our collaborative approach accelerates business process transformation, as standards and rules are defined to fuel your Low-Code project portfolio.

Runpipe's Core Elements

Where Low-Code Governance Becomes an Exciting Experience

Use video content to enable your people to become Citizen Developers.
Collaboration Space
Your central place to plan, research and validate your project idea.
The nexus of stored and shared knowledge for colleague engagement.
Measure the value employee training and development creates within your company. Define Policies to meet your company’s compliance.
Approval Workflows
Workflows to automate compliance checks across all project types.

Monitor Compliance & Cost vs. Benefit for All Low-Code Projects

You want to stay in the driver’s seat, which means having control over your low-code platform. At the same time, you want to meet your company’s compliance. This is what Runpipe does for you.

Report of Power Platform projects on Runpipe
Runpipe Homescreen visualizing Power Platform projects and progress

Coaching Your People to be Confident with Data is Our Mission

Using our transformation platform, you get best-in-class video content which can always be supplemented further by you. Runpipe enables your people to finish more data projects successfully, in a shorter amount of time.

Fuel and Manage Your Project Pipeline with Ease

Use our transformation platform to inspire your people to start more projects with shared content, templates and stories. Monitor the project pipeline to make sure compliance and budgets are in control.

Runpipe Pipeline showing status of Power Platform projects to monitor ROI and adoption

Let Your People Build Data Products Together, Like Startups Do

Runpipe provides spaces to plan, research and build data products together with colleagues. Your people are guided on how to work on products the same way startups in silicon valley do.

Runpipe Improves Business Outcomes

Learn how your organization will prosper when you empower employees to create solutions using Runpipe.

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