Top 5 Power Platform Communities

Finding support, collaboration and friends for the Power Platform.

The Power Platform contains great tools. Throughout your Power Platform learning journey, though, you will want to see what others have done. You will also want to know how they have solved problems like yours. Therefore, finding Power Platform communities can be quite helpful! So, here are the top 5 online Power Platform communities that will help you connect with other makers.

Facebook Power Platform Community

The Facebook Power Platform Community description.

In many ways, Facebook is no longer at the forefront of social media innovation. However, its ability to have groups still makes it useful for finding online communities. And the Power Platform Community on Facebook is no exception. With almost 3 thousand members, new content is posted daily. Therefore, you will find links to great videos, as well as questions from curious Power Platform users looking for answers. All in all, you will quickly find yourself at home in the Facebook Power Platform Community.


Microsoft Power Platform Community

A home for all Power Platform Users.

Straight to the source. Microsoft provides a landing hub that gives you access to all native Power Platform communities. In these communities you will find in-depth talks about features, processes, and solutions to many problems. In addition, this hub is often moderated by Microsoft Power Platform experts who can answer your questions. There is no better community to get answers from the pros!


GitHub Microsoft 365 Community

The community on GitHub extends beyond the other Power Platform communities on this list. First, it incorporates the Power Platform into larger discussions about M365. Second, it can be considered an open-platform content guide. This community acts as a repository for M365 Community Docs content on the official Microsoft website. On GitHub, though, you can see and contribute to conversations (“issues”) about the content. You can also add your own „issues“. This is a useful community to have on your radar for anything M365 related.


LinkedIn Microsoft Power Platform Page

Simple updates and nice videos straight from the source. Following the Microsoft Power Platform page on LinkedIn is an easy way to stay up to date. Of course, you can go straight to the page and scan through their posts and see all the comments, but you can also use LinkedIn as usual, and wait for their new posts on your timeline. Either way, 90,000 followers can’t be wrong! Networking is also emphasized on LinkedIn, so be sure to reach out to like-minded individuals in the comments!


Reddit Power Platform Communities

Reddit is the most popular internet community of communities. There are communities for almost any interest. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are communities for the Power Platform. There is r/PowerPlatform, r/PowerApps, r/PowerAutomate, and r/PowerBI, which is the most popular. These communities act as always-open forums for comments, questions, videos, and articles. Users may post anything they find across the web, and experts and beginners alike can talk about all topics. There is even room for a little fun! Many users discuss working with the Power Platform via memes or gifs. If you are looking for the Power Platform casual-hangout space on the web, these communities are for you.


The Power Platform:

Power Apps:

Power Automate:


All About Connection

With these communities, you will find information as well as networking and collaboration opportunities. They could be just the thing you need to take your Power Platform development to the next level!

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