Global Microsoft Power Platform Rollout

KION Group | Size: 36,000 employees | Revenue: 8bn

The Low-Code Challenge of KION

Providing the flexibility of decentralized digitalization comes with the obstacle of defining standards, consistency, and governance. KION faces the challenge of quickly identifying risks associated with products built on the Power Platform. As the standard IT demand process does not apply to Low-Code, unplanned reengineering and support costs are often introduced. In order to get Citizen Developers building amazing products, enablement and support is crucial. How to support the business at scale?

Benefits for KION working with Runpipe

KION is confident of having found the right balance between flexibility and control in managing the Power Platform, by defining it’s unique Low-Code IT demand process. KION’s business is now enabled and supported to make use of all the innovation that comes with Microsoft’s Low-Code Platform. This leads to more initiatives being promoted to truly changes the way KION is handling digital transformation.

Runpipe’s governance platform provides enablement, expert support and governance automation features for KION. The platform gives Citizen Developers a guided and automated access to the Power Platform, meeting KION‘s compliance and making sure risks are identified early upon. Expert support is provided on the platform to accelerate the adoption. At the same time, KION will use Runpipe to enable all those who want to get started building amazing Power Apps with best-in-class video trainings and knowledge sharing. Runpipe connects KION’s existing digital heroes with those who just started, accelerating the adoption of the Power Platform and making more projects successful.

Compliant IT-Demand Process for Makers

Together with our team KION redefined the IT demand process to approve citizen development, accelerating adoption of Microsoft’s Power Platform and reducing the risk of creating noncompliant apps.

Change & Adoption Campaign for Rollout

Our customer success team helped KION’s to rebrand it’s Low-Code initiatives, to make it more relatable for KION’s employees. By including KION’s leadership as sponsors for the campaign, attention was generated.

Citizen Developer Enablement

Together with our partners we provided upskill trainings for oder 400 employees to ensure a fast onboarding to Microsoft’s Power Platform.


About KION

We currently have more than 36,000 employees. With an installed base of more than 1.5 million forklift trucks and warehouse equipment and over 6,000 installed systems, our customers include companies in numerous industries on six continents.

Across more than 100 countries worldwide, our solutions improve the flow of material and information within factories, warehouses, and distribution centers. We are the largest manufacturer of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment in Europe and the second largest worldwide in terms of units sold in 2020. We are also a leading provider of warehouse automation based on revenue in 2020.

About Runpipe

Runpipe puts you into the driver’s seat of your company’s Low-Code Initiatives by providing an intuitive platform that brings together security, compliance, and enablement, all in one place. It lets you govern the entirety of your application lifecycle, including risk and compliance assessments, backups, documentation, and approval workflows. You’ll be able to fuel your company’s pipeline with Low-Code projects, and then monitor their impact. Giving you insights into all projects, business cases and ongoing trainings will create real strategic value for your company’s success.