Governance and Security for Azure Logic Apps

Businesses using Microsoft’s Power Platform, Azure Logic Apps and Runpipe can accelerate digital transformation by gaining the independence they need from IT, information security, and compliance departments. This promotes data culture by enabling risk-free IT self-service, while retaining full visibility and control.

Azure Logic Apps Governance

Report of Power Platform projects on Runpipe

Runpipe puts you into the driver’s seat of your company’s Power Platform and Azure Logic Apps Initiatives by providing an intuitive hub that brings together security and governance, all in one place. It lets you govern the entirety of your application lifecycle, including risk and compliance assessments, backups, documentation, and approval workflows. Giving you insights into all projects, business cases and ongoing trainings will create real strategic value for your company’s success.

Challenges with Power Platform & Logic Apps

Providing the flexibility of decentralized digitalization via Low-Code Platforms like Microsoft’s Power Platform, comes with the challenge of defining standards, consistency and governance for your organization. This includes getting ahead of security risks to ensure business continuity.

App Owner & Documentation

How to verify that every app and  dashboard has a business owner, a business case and documentation for future owners?

Risk & Compliance

How to identify risks associated with apps, bots and dashboards as early as possible? How to make sure compliance such as GDPR or industry regulations are met?

Citizen Developer Support

How to support citizen developers at scale? How to enable them to build successful Power Platform solutions on their own?

Your Benefits using Microsoft's Power Platform together with Runpipe

Runpipe Pipeline showing status of Power Platform projects to monitor ROI and adoption


We manage the entire life-cycle of Power Apps, Flows and Power Bi Dashboards.

Financial Optimization

Fuel your company’s pipeline with Power Platform projects, and monitor their ROI and adoption.

Business Process Diagram tutorial on Runpipe

Risk & Compliance Assessments

Use our intelligence to give your people guided and automated access the Power Platform. Define policies that meet your company’s compliance.

Documentation incl. BPMN

Collaborative Space for Business, Information Security and IT to Document Relevant Aspects of Low-Code Solutions

Business Process Diagram tutorial on Runpipe
Runpipe Homescreen visualizing Power Platform projects and progress

Low-Code Communities

Use Runpipe’s service to deliver specialized and tailored support for your new Power Platform communities.

Videos and Templates

Enable those who want to get started building Apps, Flows and Dashboards with our best-in-class video trainings and templates. Transform your people into digital heroes.

Latest Resource

Designed to Make Citizen Developers Happy

Your new IT demand process

Our end-to-end process helps you to enable citizen development within your company at scale. 

Runpipe's Integrates with Your Admin Toolchain to Manage your Power Platform Tenant

We connect with existing Power Platform Tenants to enable risk free IT self-service and accelerate data culture by increasing Power Platform adoption.

Microsoft CoE vs Runpipe governance for Microsoft Power Platform

Center Of Excellence Starter Kit

The Microsoft Power Platform CoE Starter Kit is a collection of components and templates for admins to manage Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. It’s a good solution for technical protection of your tenant in case you have the resources to set it up on your own. It does not allow a governance for Azure Logic App unfortunately.


Runpipe provides an intuitive platform that brings together security, governance and enablement for the Power Platform and Azure Logic Apps all in one place.It lets you govern the entirety of your lifecycle management, including risk and compliance assessments, backups, documentation and approval workflows. Runpipe is set up and and ready to go in just a few days. It can be used with or without the CoE SK.

Featured Customer

„With Runpipe we where able to setup a center of excellence at KION managing our Low-Code Platforms. With the strong integration into Microsoft’s Power Platform we managed to get real insights into the way we can leverage even more benefits for our company’s success.“

Easy to Setup

Runpipe is built for easy integration into your existing Microsoft IT landscape, including Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer.

M365 Integration

The Runpipe Platform is built atop Microsoft’s stack to achieve perfect integration into the Microsoft 365 platform, incl. Single-Sign-On with Azure Active Directory, Yammer and Microsoft Teams.

GDPR Compliant

You may use Runpipe to store sensitive data. Therefore we make sure to be fully compliant with the German and Global GDPR regulations.

Data On-Prem

We provide the flexibility to save your data in your own data center, or within your cloud subscription using Microsoft Azure.

Intuitive Userflow

The Runpipe Platform is designed to empower citizen developers by providing intuitive user interfaces that require no training.

30min Virtual Demo

See how global brands are using Runpipe to manage Low-Code platforms.