Power Platform Center Of Excellence

Power Platform CoE represented by building

Establishing a CoE, or Center of Excellence for Microsoft’s Power Platform helps create a safe framework in which Citizen Developers can explore and grow with confidence. Without question, the adoption of low-code in enterprises presents many opportunities. However, part of that truth is that there remain some questions and uncertainties around security, governance, and enablement. This […]

Top 5 Power Platform Communities

The Power Platform contains great tools. Throughout your Power Platform learning journey, though, you will want to see what others have done. You will also want to know how they have solved problems like yours. Therefore, finding Power Platform communities can be quite helpful! So, here are the top 5 online Power Platform communities that […]

Top 5 Power Platform Conferences 2023

The communities around Microsoft’s Power Platform are abundant. This is why it is no surprise that there are many worthwhile conferences and events you can attend to learn, share and collaborate with the Power Platform. So, where to go? Here are the top 5 Power Platform Conferences 2023 you can look forward to. DynamicsCon DynamicsCon […]

Your Power Platform Licensing Guide

Interconnected building blocks representing a clear licensing structure

The ins and outs of licensing for Microsoft’s Power Platform products can be overwhelming at first. This article will help guide you through each product, and how to get the licensing sku (specific offering) that works best for you. Power Apps Licensing There are four main licensing plans available for Power Apps: one free plan […]

Low Code Governance is Your Secret Weapon for Digital Transformation

Street view of tall office buildings symbolizing power platform governance opportunities

Digital transformation comes with a host of benefits. It will help you increase customer satisfaction, gain data-based insights, enable high quality user experiences, and increase the agility of your business. One key to rapidly attaining this kind of digital transformation is through citizen development and governance. By empowering employees to create new apps to meet […]

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Power Platform

Introduction to Application Lifecycle Management Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for the Power Platform and similar platforms is the integrated and collaborative approach to the entire lifecycle of your apps and projects. This means that instead of taking an iterative, or step-by-step approach to software creation, you look at the entire process from beginning to end. […]

Data Loss Prevention policies for Microsoft’s Power Platform

Power Platform Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data Loss Prevention policies for Microsoft’s Power Platform are a safety shield for your organization’s data. In this article, we explain how DLP policies can protect you from unintentionally publishing company data on Twitter. Why Data Loss Prevention policies are so important   Data Loss Prevention policies or DLP policies are the cornerstones of protecting your […]

Power Platform Governance

cars on road between buildings

Your Low-Code City Imagine driving to a city you’ve never been to before. Now imagine that when you get there, you see many of its buildings don’t have roofs. And cranes and ladders cover every corner. Everything is under construction, but nothing seems coordinated. There are clones of buildings and architecture everywhere. Three City Halls, […]