Transforming Customer Experience in Mortgage Lending

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Customer Challenge

In today’s rapidly evolving mortgage lending landscape customer experience is a must have. By combining customer data with cutting-edge AI/ML capabilities and intelligent automation, it seeks to create customer journeys that not only enhance satisfaction but also drive revenue generation. Customer Challenge are:

  • Complex Processes: Traditional mortgage lending processes are often convoluted, involving multiple steps and interactions, leading to frustration for customers.
  • Fragmented Systems: Customers and loan officers frequently navigate disconnected CRM, POS, and LOS systems, causing inefficiencies and delays.
  • Resource Drain: Developing and maintaining individual components for various solutions can be resource-intensive and hinder rapid deployment.


Take the next steps beyond customer self-service. Combine underlying customer data with AI/ML capabilities and intelligent automation to create revenue-generating customer journeys. Bring components and connectors into Power Platform to get more projects finished faster.

Streamlined Digitized Customer Workflow

Simplify the customer experience with a question-based workflow. Customers can validate their information, upload documents and engage OCR data processing, schedule time with a loan officer, print their pre-qualification letter, view their credit score, and e-sign. All that without ever leaving the app.

From Customer to Loan Officer–Seamlessly

Enable loan officers to close more loans with a custom-built solution that unifies CRM, POS, and LOS systems into a view that supports your organization’s sales process and policies.

Powering Reusability

Build a component for one release and reuse it across other solutions and product offerings. Extend your governance and architecture and ensure your applications are maintainable and compliant. Save time, speed up deployment, get to market faster.

Value Add

127.000€ revenue generated by lowering the barrier for customers entering data and making appointments with loan officers

30% NPS increased by providing a modern and easy process to customers

30h saved per month by integrating the customers portal into the CRM tools

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