More Revenue by Streamlining the Sales Offer Process

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Customer Challenge

Managing sales offers can be a complex process. In business environments with small lot sizes and high value products, sales teams tend to rely on Excel forms to track offers, which can lead to data disorganization, manual errors, and challenges in identifying bottlenecks. Without a structured system, it’s difficult to pinpoint issues and optimize the sales funnel.


This offer process tracking solution revolutionizes the way sales teams manage their offers. Leveraging the power of Microsoft Power Apps and Dataverse.

Structured Data
Say goodbye to cumbersome Excel forms. Our solution provides structured data storage, making it simple for users to input relevant OPT information.

Automated Data Retrieval
No more manual entry for offer details. The system pulls information automatically from sources like the Customer List, Active Directory, OPT Number, and associated Documents.

User Adoption
The app is designed with users in mind. Information is organized into distinct sections, ensuring ease of navigation.

Efficiency by Automation
Reduce manual tasks with automated flows. Our system automatically creates the necessary folder structures and sets required permissions, based on the „OPT Dummy“ Excel template.

Easy Information Retrieval
While PDF creation isn’t in this project’s scope, the app’s design facilitates potential future integrations.

Value Add

85.000€ more revenue per year by simplifying the sales process and optimization of sales offers.

50 hours saved per week by eliminating manual data entry and automating folder structure creations.

90% decrease of manual errors with automated data retrieval and structured data entry.

100% Transparency: Easily identify bottlenecks in the sales funnel, leading to quicker problem resolution and increased sales conversion.

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