Efficient Contracting of new Suppliers

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Customer Challenge

In today’s fast-paced business world, managing contracts and purchasing can be a complex task. From initial negotiations to the creation of Purchase Orders (POs), every step requires precision, clarity, and efficiency. Traditional methods often result in delays, miscommunications, and errors, impacting business operations.

  1. Loss of competitive advantage due to slow process
  2. Framework agreements with suppliers miss high quality and business needs
  3. Vendor master data is outdated or even wrong


Tired of navigating complex purchasing processes? Meet the Contracting App, your ultimate solution for a seamless and efficient purchasing journey.

Initiation and Negotiation: Kickstart your purchasing process the right way with our powerful tools that simplify negotiation and capture all vital details from the very beginning. No more confusion or missed opportunities.

Automated Drafting: Say goodbye to time-consuming manual contract drafting. Our app generates contract drafts swiftly and accurately, ensuring consistency across all your documents. Efficiency at its finest!

Purchase Order (PO) Creation: Transform contracts into detailed Purchase Orders with just a few clicks. Ensure that all terms and conditions are accurately reflected, and your orders are ready for execution. Save time, reduce errors.

Post-PO Management: The Contracting App goes beyond just PO creation. Track the execution, manage amendments, and monitor deliverables, all within a unified platform. Keep your purchasing processes on track effortlessly.

Intuitive Interface: Designed with users in mind, our app simplifies even the most intricate contracting processes. Navigate through complex tasks with ease, making your job smoother and more straightforward.

Secure Storage: Your contracts and POs are stored securely, guaranteeing data integrity and providing easy retrieval for future reference. With us, your documents are in safe hands.

Elevate your purchasing game with the Contracting App. No more stress, no more hassle – just a streamlined and efficient purchasing journey. It’s time to take control of your contracts and Purchase Orders. Try the Contracting App today!

Value Add

67.000 € saved per year by streamlining the contracting process and onboarding new suppliers faster.

100% Transparency by providing all stakeholders information at all time.

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