Sustainable Business Travels

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Customer Challenge

Business trips are still essential to ensure an optimal exchange with customers and partners and to enable participation in relevant events. At the same time, they are also a significant part of a company’s carbon footprint. To help reduce this, we have developed an application and thus offers a solution for these factors:

  • Lack of overview of the CO2 balance of a trip
  • Elaborate research to choose sustainable travel options
  • Inaccurate data on carbon footprint offsetting


With the newly developed app, a company’s sustainability ambitions are pointed out when business trips are requested. The application focuses on the choice of transport for business trips, as this is an area where there is particularly great scope for each individual employee to influence and significantly reduce their personalized carbon footprint.

Using the existing travel request app, the traveler can specify his destination. On a second screen, he then receives a comparison display showing which means of transport can be used and what CO2 emissions are caused in each case. This data is logged in the travel request app. Based on the booking made, both a personal and an anonymized, company-wide evaluation can be made. In addition, CO2 compensation and data transfer to your sustainability report can be included as a further feature.

The high level of integration enables the application to be optimally embedded in the existing travel management processes and tailored to the individual needs of the company.

Value Add

2h Time savings per travel booking through efficient processes.

8.000€ Savings per month possible through simple and sustainable travel booking.

100% Transparency about the personal carbon footprint of business travel.

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