Reduced Production Downtime

Spinning machine in a factory

Customer Challenge

Malfunctions in the production process at any given time cause companies a great deal of inconvenience. Quite often, these are documented analogously and forwarded to the responsible departments. Filling out documents, lengthy transfers from one department to another, preparing additional materials such as photos for documentation, as well as entering breakdowns manually into the ERP system – this process takes a lot of time.

  • Outages caused by disruptions result in contractual fines/penalties.
  • Lack of transparency about the frequency and types of breakdowns. 
  • Severe loss of working time and operator frustration through manual documentation tasks. 
  • Additional data such as photos must be organized and assigned for documentation. 
  • Manual data input of disruptions into the ERP system. 


Incidents are handled and documented quickly, sustainably and with flexibility using the mobile application for incident management. This application is accessible from a variety of devices, such as tablets or smartphones. As a result, plant workers have a simple and convenient way to handle incidents. 

The disruptions are recorded in a central database and can be managed, segmented, monitored and evaluated on the move. Thereby increasing the transparency of the incidents and their general impact on productivity. In addition, the solution allows all occurring incidents to be filed and edited. Management thus obtains a real-time overview of all incidents. Furthermore, the reports provide support in identifying particularly high-risk production phases. 

Value Add

50K€ increased revenue by achieving 15% more delivery reliability

120K€ savings on maintenance personnel costs.

50K€ fewer costs for unscheduled transports due to production downtime

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