Field Service Meter Reading Improved

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Customer Challenge

For network operators and customers, regular meter reading is a time-consuming affair. The collection and transmission of consumption data involves considerable administrative effort. With a digital solution, the process is simplified for all parties involved and the following challenges are overcome.

  • Error-prone transfer of data into the system
  • Complex processes for further processing of meter readings
  • Data loss due to interruption of the Internet connection


With this app, meter readings can be recorded directly with a mobile device such as a smartphone without errors or gaps. The utility’s service staff can view the upcoming meter reading orders in the meter reading list in the application and search for specific subscribers or meter numbers using the integrated search function.

A meter list with a detailed view is available for each order, containing all relevant information about the order. From the meter list, the employee can trigger the entry of the meter reading document. This is called up as a popup. Here, the meter reading, the meter reading date and notes can be entered via a drop-down menu for each meter contained in the order.

To ensure error-free recording and reliable transfer of data, the application can be run entirely in offline mode. All data and functions are reliably guaranteed even without an Internet connection. The meter reading list can be saved within the app on the smartphone, whereupon a switch to offline mode is enabled. In this mode, the recorded data of the meter reading orders is stored locally in an SQLite database. When switching to online mode, the data is automatically transferred to the connected ERP system.

Value Add

40 h time saving per month due to integration with ERP system

13.000 € cost savings through consistent processes with offline functionality

100% increase data quality by avoiding transmission errors

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