Product Quality Improved

Heavy industry

Customer Challenge

Photos are an essential tool in production to track, ensure and document product quality. Many of these are still taken with digital cameras, manually transferred to the system at defined intervals, and manually assigned to the individual products and orders. However, this type of management is associated with challenges:

  • Cumbersome and complex processes for transferring the images into the system
  • Delays in data entry due to manual processing and transmission
  • Error-prone processes due to manual processing and allocation


The developed app provides the possibility to upload demand requests, photos for documentation of product quality related to orders directly into the company’s database. The first step is to scan the QR or barcode of the produced items to match the images with items. Subsequently, the employee can take the required photos with the mobile device’s camera. In the next step, the employee can check the images, select the relevant photos and upload them to the linked tool via the application. These are then automatically saved in the assigned folder in the system along with the required information.

Further, after the upload, the linked tool automatically generates the data and status overviews for the images and the corresponding products as well as orders to provide a simple and detailed overview.

After the roll-out of the application in one of the company’s facilities, the application is now successfully implemented in more than ten of the company’s production sites.

Value Add

60.000€ savings annually in process costs

5 Days time saving through optimised processes

100% Transparency in the documentation process

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