Efficient Inspection of Transported Goods

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Customer Challenge

The registration and verification of transports involves a large number of intermediate steps and is therefore already error-prone in nature. However, the complexity increases even further when documents and certificates have to be recorded for the process. A digital application can improve the entire process and eliminate these problems:

  • Poor overview of upcoming transports.
  • Insufficient collection of relevant data.
  • Complex maintenance of documents.
  • Slow flow of information between different departments and locations due to time-consuming data maintenance


The application guides the responsible inspectors step by step through the inspection process transported goods run through at Südzucker. The digital checklist simplifies the process and prevents errors through a systematic approach.

By visualizing the different versions of the available checklists, the app provides a holistic overview of the upcoming transports. At the same time, identification of the individual transports is possible via barcode.

The header data of each checklist contains all relevant identification features of the transport. Based on this, the inspector is guided step-by-step through the process. Documents and certificates required in the process can be photographed when using a mobile device and attached directly to the report. In the desktop version, they can be added by drag-and-drop. Data already stored is automatically displayed in the checklist and the relevant areas are automatically pre-filled. Logical dependencies mean that only the relevant fields need to be filled in. The visualization of relevant components in individual check steps additionally facilitates the check.

A summary of the check performed enables a complete check at the end of the process and helps to reduce errors. The accuracy of the data is guaranteed by the digital signature of the checker and the driver of the transported goods. The final data is entered into the central system and can thus be accessed by all Südzucker locations. This prevents errors and additional work.

Value Add

100% transparency of upcoming transports and responsibilities

78k€ annual cost savings in error prevention through guided step-by-step guidance of the testing process

100% clear identification of individual transports by barcode scan.

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