Efficient Contracting of new Suppliers

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Customer Challenge In today’s fast-paced business world, managing contracts and purchasing can be a complex task. From initial negotiations to the creation of Purchase Orders (POs), every step requires precision, clarity, and efficiency. Traditional methods often result in delays, miscommunications, and errors, impacting business operations. Solution Tired of navigating complex purchasing processes? Meet the Contracting […]

Making Supply Chain Net Zero

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Customer Challenge In today’s increasingly environmentally conscious world, many companies are striving to make their supply chains more sustainable by reducing their carbon emissions. Achieving the ambitious goal of Net Zero or Net Positive emissions, however, is a complex and challenging endeavor that requires meticulous evaluation and collaboration with all stakeholders involved in the supply […]

More Revenue by Streamlining the Sales Offer Process

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Customer Challenge Managing sales offers can be a complex process. In business environments with small lot sizes and high value products, sales teams tend to rely on Excel forms to track offers, which can lead to data disorganization, manual errors, and challenges in identifying bottlenecks. Without a structured system, it’s difficult to pinpoint issues and […]

Less Risks within Project Portfolios

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Customer Challenge Many customers grapple with a common set of challenges in managing their projects, programs, and portfolios. Let’s delve into the hurdles they face and how our solution addresses them: 1. Fragmented Project Management: Customers often find themselves dealing with fragmented project management processes. Project teams use disparate work management tools of their choice, […]

Sustainable Business Travels

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Customer Challenge Business trips are still essential to ensure an optimal exchange with customers and partners and to enable participation in relevant events. At the same time, they are also a significant part of a company’s carbon footprint. To help reduce this, we have developed an application and thus offers a solution for these factors: […]