Increased Efficiency in Inventory Management

a man and a woman in a warehouse

Customer Challenge An inventory – either conducted on an ongoing basis or on a closing date – provides an overwiew of the company’s material supply and thus important information for the entire organisation. However, it is also prone to certain defects: Solution The developed app digitalizes the inventory process in manufacturing environments. This makes it […]

Product Quality Improved

Heavy industry

Customer Challenge Photos are an essential tool in production to track, ensure and document product quality. Many of these are still taken with digital cameras, manually transferred to the system at defined intervals, and manually assigned to the individual products and orders. However, this type of management is associated with challenges: Solution The developed app […]

Reduced Production Downtime

Spinning machine in a factory

Customer Challenge Malfunctions in the production process at any given time cause companies a great deal of inconvenience. Quite often, these are documented analogously and forwarded to the responsible departments. Filling out documents, lengthy transfers from one department to another, preparing additional materials such as photos for documentation, as well as entering breakdowns manually into […]