The ROI of Runpipe

Measuring the impact of your digital culture strategy boils down to two things: a decrease in cost and an increase in your bottom line. 

And Runpipe makes it happen quickly. Deployment takes between six and nine weeks, delivering the quickest time to value in the industry.

Runpipe provides a quantifiable
impact on the following:

Change Effectiveness

Low-Code Management

Skill Enablement

Knowledge Management

Improve Change Effectiveness

Runpipe customers want to drive the Digital Transformation for their company. This change creates a community of digital heroes building amazing digital products. It’s our mission to build communities that adapt digital tools. 


more digital projects


of time saved building community


more long term projects

Effective Low-Code Management

Data Culture is mostly driven by Low-Code Tools to transform and visualize data. Projects within those tools need a governance.


less ressources by automation


less unbenefitial projects


compliant projects

Effective Skill Enablement

Doing digital introduces a barrier for most people, as it seems to be complex. We empower employees and convert them to Citizen Developers


savings by having support in place


savings having a vibrant community


savings by connecting experts to starters

Productive Knowledge Management

As people start to get confident with tech and data tools, they collect experience that needs to be documented. Our Knowledge Base is the perfect place to share, consume knowledge to inspire further Citizen Developers to get started.


less ressources needed for support caused by information sharing


project quality improvement by infomation sharing


more projects caused by inspiration

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Our Value

Runpipe is the only platform accelerating data culture by making your people tech-savvy, guiding them to build successful data products. At the same time, we ensure your control of compliance and budgets.