Power Platform - Managed Service

Unleash the full potential of low-code in your organization. Put support, governance, and compliance concerns to rest and focus your time and resources on real innovation.

Boost your Business with Low-Code

The benefits of using low-code in organizations are broadly known. Developing customized business solutions while reducing the workload of your IT department is rapidly driving digitization in enterprises. Sounds almost too good to be true? In fact, it’s not quite that simple. While Microsoft’s Power Platform, for example, offers almost unlimited potential for individual company applications, the requirement for support and the risk of data breaches or compliance violations often increases proportionally.

One way to fully exploit the potential of low-code, while creating real relief for your IT department and still keeping track of progress and costs, is to entrust the administration to proven experts. This allows your in-house experts to focus on your core business and innovations within it.

Combined forces for Your perfect Managed Service

Together with our founding company and service partner AONIC, we merge our designated Low-Code Platform with years of consulting experience to provide you with a unique all-round service for the Power Platform.

Why Managed Services with Us?

Independence from Individuals

When an employee leaves, they often take valuable knowledge and expertise with them. Our team ensures your knowledge and progress are sustained, promoting crisis resilience and independence.​

Stability and Performance

Our team of experts brings extensive development experience to ensure stable performance from the start and can help avoid stumbling blocks early on.

Predictable Costs​

Instead of driving up the cost of your own designated support team, we offer a predictable cost concept with a full scope of action.

Governance with Runpipe

With the ability to use dedicated governance software, you always have a quick and direct overview of the status, progress, and issues of your low-code efforts.​

License Optimization

Through improved transparency, optimized low-code usage, and special offers, we help you keep track of and reduce your licensing costs.


The more applications and flows are built in your organization, the more important it becomes to keep track of them. We provide you with a complete overview of all applications built in the enterprise and their entire lifecycle.


Through good documentation, you retain the knowledge and understanding of your applications in the company, even when developers leave.

Focus on Your Core Business

The goal of low-code applications is to speed up processes and reduce development work. We take care of exactly that, so you can focus time and resources on your core business.

According to Gartner, 70% of new applications developed by enterprises will use low-code or no-code technologies by 2025.

Managed Services by AONIC


We are consultants, project managers, data scientists, software developers and trainers. Together, we are an owner-managed technology consultancy with a footprint in a wide range of industries and your trusted companion in an ever-accelerating future.

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