Boost Your Data Platform

Runpipe helps you to promote your data platform by enabling your people to participate in creating real value. Runpipe put’s you into the driver seat of your company’s digital transformation, as you will have insights into all projects, business cases and ongoing trainings.


The opportunity to unlock existing data to create strategic value and new assets for your company’s success is sky rocking. The awareness of leaders and investors has never been higher. Although the technical requirements are solved most company’s don’t get speed into the adoption of their data platforms.

Guide People at Scale

How to enable a whole organization to adapt an enterprise data platform? How to guide them in making right decisions, when building data products?

Connect People

How to connect people, build communities and showcase opportunities at scale? How to share knowledge and experience?

Monitoring Progress and Impact

How to monitor all data projects being in progress and keeping track on the impact they create for your company’s success?

Benefits with Runpipe

Provide use cases to inspire

You’ll enable all those who want to get started building digital products with templates and examples, becoming your company’s digital heroes.

Knowledge saved

Turn your tribal knowledge into easy-to-find answers. Create a company wiki fueled with experiences from digital projects and answer questions at scale.

User Support

On top you can make use of Runpipe’s service to deliver best-in-class support for all support requests coming from the business. 

Project Governance

You manage the entire project lifecycle for multiple data platforms and enable your business in building powerful products.

Risk & Compliance Assesment

Use our intelligence to give your people a guided and automated access to your platform, meeting your companies‘ compliance.

Cost vs. Benefit Monitoring

You’ll be able to fuel you companies’ pipeline with digital projects and monitor their success.

Enable your people


Connect People

We connect your existing digital heroes with those who just started, making more projects successful.


Provide Trainings

Provide a one stop hub for your people with instructor-led and on-demand trainings.


Video Content

Enable your poeple to build amazing digital products with our best-in-class video content.

Easy Setup

Runpipe is build for easy integration into your existing IT landscape.

M365 Integration

The Runpipe Platform is built on top of Microsoft’s stack to get a perfect integration into the Microsoft 365 platform incl. Single-Sign-On with Azure Active Directory, Yammer and Microsoft Team integration.

GDPR Compliant

You may use Runpipe to store sensible data. Therefore we make sure to be fully compliant with the German and Global GDPR regulations.

Data OnPrem

We provide the flexibility to save your data in your on data center or within your cloud subscription using Microsoft Azure.

Easy to use

The Runpipe Platform is designed to make citizen developers happy by providing intuitive user interfaces that need no trainings.

30 min Virtual Demo

Learn how global brands build data culture with Runpipe

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Our Value

Runpipe is the only platform accelerating data culture by making your people tech-savvy and guiding them to build successful data products. At the same time it makes sure you stay in control of compliance and budgets.